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Mediterranean Palace is located at the commercial, business, and cultural heart of Thessaloniki, next to one of the most picturesque districts of it – the historic Ladadika. It has direct access to almost throughout the city center, even on foot, within minutes.


Arriving via Athens-Thessaloniki National Road (Albania, Serbia, FYROM)

Arriving via Kavala-Thessaloniki National Road (Bulgaria, Turkey)

How to get to the hotel from Thessaloniki International Airport “Macedonia”

By rented car

By taxi
There is a taxi rank right in front of the airport arrivals exit. The distance to the hotel is 17 kilometers, and a taxi will cross the city to get to the hotel. Travel time varies between 30 minutes and one hour, depending on traffic. The cost amounts between 25€ - 30€.

By bus
Bus No. 78 stops right in front of the airport arrivals exit. It will take more time to cover the distance of 17 km, due to stops and traffic. Travel time varies between 1 and 1 ½ hours. The buses have automatic ticketing machines. You only need to have small change, because the machine does not give any change back. To get to the hotel, you get off the bus at the stop called “Plateia Emporiou” (Emporiou Square), and the hotel is located within 300 meters on your left.


On foot
The hotel’s central location is ideal for walks on foot around the city center. Within just ten minutes you can get to Aristotelous Square, having crossed the historic Ladadika, or Tsimiski Street, the city’s busiest shopping street.

By bus
Thessaloniki has a very good bus service. There is also a bus stop right in front of the hotel.

By taxi
Travelling by taxi is also a very popular way to travel around Thessaloniki. There are many taxi ranks, as well as passing taxis. It is totally safe to use passing taxis, and they are among the cheapest in Europe.

By car
You can also visit Thessaloniki by your car. There are plenty of carparks in the city center where you can park your car, and you can also park it in a free space, although this won’t be easy because of traffic. The hotel has its own carpark to serve its guests.

By bicycle
Travelling by bicycle has increased in Thessaloniki over the last years. There are several spots in the city center where you can rent a bicycle, and one of them is located at the city’s seaport, across the hotel. The renting system is both easy and cheap to use, so that you can enjoy a nice ride at the city’s seafront!


Aristotelous Square (Thessaloniki Center): 750 meters
White Tower: 1.6 km
Ioannis Vellidis Congress Center: 3 km
HELEXPO Exhibition Center: 2.1 km
Railway Station: 1.5 km
“Macedonia” International Airport: 17.6 km
Olympic Museum of Thessaloniki: 2.9 km
Thessaloniki Concert Hall: 5.5 km
Museum of Byzantine Culture: 2.3 km
Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki: 2 km

Mediterranean Palace is a 5 star hotel in Thessaloniki, in the city center, with 111 rooms and 7 suites; all meticulously decorated, and equipped with modern conveniences, next to the traditional district of “Ladadika”, and with an astonishing view over the Thermaikos Gulf.



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