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Local Cuisine

Thessaloniki is a crossroads of flavors, a metropolis of tastes, a gastronomic capital. Various religions and customs have added to or subtracted from its ancient gastronomic features.
Gastronomy, an indisputable cultural creation, includes a wealth of flavors and pleasures.

Nowhere else in Greece can one find so many different flavors combined on the same table. Thessaloniki residents pride themselves on their willingness to try unusual, strong flavors, which they learn to love and, finally, adopt.

Thessaloniki is in the fortunate position of enjoying a rich marine environment from the shores of Thermaikos gulf to Mt. Athos coastline and the Eastern Aegean islands. Fish and seafood are plentiful and accompanied by delightful choices of the vineyards in Northern Greece, make the perfect match!

The colorful food markets of Thessaloniki are bursting with traditional and other products and entice visitors to spend many hours enjoying flavours and aromas.

Try Thessaloniki’s famous “Koulouri” (Bagel), the traditional “bougatsa” and its syrupy sweets.

There are many places to enjoy the city’s flavors such as Ladadika, Modiano Market, Athonos square, Kapani, in Ano Poli, Aretsou and Nea Krini and near the coasts of Thermaikos.