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Your wedding “to-do-list” includes finding the right venue
for the wedding party that you dream of.


The wedding menus, wine packages, cake of your taste, party champagne, DJ for the musical coverage of the party, decoration, as well as many small and big, but equally important, things, comprise the puzzle to be compounded with the assistance our experienced staff, and will draw the perfect picture that you have envisioned for the great day! At Mediterranean Palace, we all care for the success of your wedding party.

Gifts to the newlyweds

• The Wedding Suite for the first night of the wedding, accompanied with an American breakfast from the rich buffet of the hotel’s Diplomatico restaurant.
• The wedding cake for the party guests
• Champagne in the suite for the newlyweds
• Private dinner in your suite before your arrival to the party area
• Champagne for the couple after the arrival to the party area
• The decoration of all the party tables
• Tasting the menu of your choice
• Reception drink
• Meringues on a specially decorated table, served to guests on their arrival
• Providing you with the possibility to easily allocate guests to tables from home through the Internet (through a special platform called “Event Reception””
• Send a “Thank you” sms message to the guests on the day of the wedding party, and simultaneous updating with the table number, and the number of occupied seats at it.
• Special room prices for your guests from other towns