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The Luxury Vision

The Luxury Vision

The Luxury Vision


The year 2017 marks the completion of 20 years since the day that the aristocratic and cosmopolitan 5* Mediterranean Palace hotel, which is located in the center of Thessaloniki, opened its doors to the public. Seven years later, in 2004, it was the year when the biggest conference hotel of the city was erected; the grandiose 5* Grand Hotel Palace, located at a hotspot at the western entrance of the city.

An audacious and ingenious businessman, Serafeim Dedeoglou, has been the developer of both hotels. Today, the families of Poly, Glykeria, and Dominiki Dedeoglou are founded on family values and the remarkably successful progress of the hotels, sharing common goals under the same name, in order to establish the terms and conditions of a new outlook. They take a step further ahead by uniting the forces and histories of the two hotels towards a grand vision; a common path.
This partnership takes shape through the development of The Luxury Hotels.


The high level of customer service, combined with an extensive range of upgraded services offered to guests, the staff’s high level of professionalism and strong sense of responsibility, as well as the loyalty of satisfied customers, are the values that inspire and drive the company’s new path to success.

It is the only company in the city of Thessaloniki that owns and runs two 5* hotels, and a total of 384 rooms, 20 conference roos, 2 underground & 2 outdoor parking areas with 200 parking lots, and 200 people who take every care to provide top-quality services, always with a smile.


The new logotype of The Luxury Hotels reflects the vision of the new company, in light of the exciting challenges that arise. The company’s new image and overall restructuring denote an outreach strategy towards both the domestic and the international market.

In printing the new logotype, a novel, clear, and equally-thick font has been used, to which, touches of elegance have been added, in order to match the architecture of the two buildings.


The straight lines of the logotype symbolize progress, advancement, and professionalism, while the curved lines add harmony. Their diagonal inclination denotes a high level of dynamics, vigor, and energy. They also symbolize growth and progress, which are the two key strategy pillars of any modern enterprise. Their shape is multilateral, with deductive elements, and reveals, at a second glance, the initial letters of the names: luxury (l), and hotels (h).

Finally, the golden color that is used, adds the warmth, authenticity, and positive glow of the hotels. It is linked to their aristocratic and cosmopolitan character, relaxation, and luxury. We hereby welcome you to the new era, and the family of The Luxury Hotels.

Mediterranean Palace is a 5 star hotel in Thessaloniki, in the city center, with 111 rooms and 7 suites; all meticulously decorated, and equipped with modern conveniences, next to the traditional district of “Ladadika”, and with an astonishing view over the Thermaikos Gulf.


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